Testimonials for Meadowbrook Senior Living at Agoura Hills

I would like to offer my compliments to the folks at Meadowbrook. This all started at the end of January when my 98 year dad went into the hospital. The day before he was released, one of the nurses said he could not go back to his house until he recovered. He needed poeple around him 24/7. There has always been something going on since then… The folks at meadowbrook have been great. Not once or twice, but 10, 20 or 30 times. I cannot keep count.

I almost hesitate to name names as I might forget someone, but I will so you know how many people I have had contact with. Issac, Lloyd , Lauria, Wendy.. The Medtechs: Arron, Wendy Marco, Shanita (I know I messed up her name) and another women who I failed to get her name. Ester in caregivers as well as several others I don’t know the names.. Laura in the restaurant and the nice lady in the business office (i don’t remember names the way I used to 🙂

You have a great staff that works well together. Everyone has truly been a lifesaver for my dad and me!

Written by: Steve, son of a Meadowbrook resident

Meadowbrook had a wonderful feel. You would not know you were going into an assisted living facility. It was like a condominium complex or a residential facility. It was very clean, very welcoming, open, and spacious. It had gardens and a lovely restaurant. The receiving staff was very excellent…
Meadowbrook Senior Living at Agoura Hills
Written by: anonymous100488750
Date published: 2015-01-21

We love this place! Thank you all so very much.
Meadowbrook Senior Living at Agoura Hills
Written by: Anonymous
Date published: 2014-07-05